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Lucifer the Doom Bringer | Guide to Lucifer | Гайд по Lucifer | Doom bringer

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Story
3. Strengths And Weaknesses
4. Skills
5. Skill Build
6. Items
7. The Friends/Foes And The Counters
8. Solo Mid Match-ups
9. Play Style
10. Credits
11. Replays will be added soon. If you want me to add your replay then link me to the video

~Hero Introduction~

The mighty Doom Bringer is a versatile and dangerous foe. His offensive spells are very damaging. LVL? Death allows him to pick off heroes at range, and deals extra damage against heroes of certain levels. The dreaded Doom is one of the most feared spells in the game, and with good reason. Not only does it deal massive damage over time to its target, it also silences them completely for its duration. Although the Doom Bringer is no pushover in physical combat, he lacks any dedicated fighting abilities. Instead, he relies on Devour to feed his appetite for powerful items, and buffs his movement and attack speed with Scorched Earth. With his good income, strong damage spells, and the ability to effectively knock a single enemy hero out of a fight, the Doom Bringer is a formidable opponent in any matchup.


Lucifer was the leader of the Doomguard attack force of the burning legion in the first attack by the dark lord Sargeras. With his original master long gone, Lucifer grants his undying loyalty to the Scourge to finish what his lord once started. Devouring the insignificant for his greed while dissipating the souls of those brave and strong enough to withstand his strength and the heat of his fiery haven of burning earth, Lucifer takes no prisoners and makes sure those who persevere through his wrath die by the agonizing and burning pain of Doom itself.

~Pros and Cons~

+High Strength and good Intelligence growth
+Excellent solo hero
+Dominantes through the entire game
+The counter to 90+ heroes

-Insanely low Agility, which means no attack speed and armour
-Can't tank due to low armour
-Lack of good disables

When should you pick Doom?

1. When you need a carry
2. When you need to counter a gamechanging hero

And when do you not pick Doom?

1. You are a newbie/cannot solo mid well/someone else wants to solo mid


26 + 3.2
11 + 0.9
13 + 2.1


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Level 1/2/3/4 Devour allows you to Devour level 2/4/5/6 neutral creeps.
When you use this skill, the EXP from the creep is given instantly.
If a neutral creep is Devoured, whatever skill it has will be given to you. If Devour is used on a creep with no skills and you already have a set of skills from Devour, then the original set will not be replaced.

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Try not to use this skill too much to heal, as it has a high cooldown.

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This can be an awesome nuke depending on the level of your opponent.
It has ministun which can be used to cancel TP or chanelling spells

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One of the best ultimates in the game.
Doom also does a lot of damage, so coupled with LVL? Death a kill is almost usually guaranteed.
Fully silences everything, including items, and some passive abilities, and goes through magic immunity and damages them too.
After the target reaches less than 25% HP, he can be denied, which denies you the gold from killing him.

~Skill Build~


~Item Build~

Starting from base:

Quelling blade
1-2 Tango
1-2 IronWood Branches

Back to base:

Boots Of Speed
Upgrade Boots of Speed to
Boots of Travel
Phase Boots
Power treads as per your taste and your gold.
I recommend BOT or you can get PT and save some amount for Aghanim Scepter

Back home again:

Improves survivability by providing life steal and has useful Damage aura, Armor aura and Mana Regen aura.
A better life steal with no aura but active ability of Unholy strength.

A Trip to the Fountain:

Agahanim Scepter
Improves your Ultimate
This should be in your inventory within:
1. If boots are not upgraded yet : Within 20 minutes mark
2. Boots are upgraded: 25 minutes mark

You can buy Radiance first up to you . I always get a Agahanim. Never felt the need to rush Radiance




Assault Cuirass

Covers Doom's major problem of low armor and have great aura's'

3.Extra Extention
Heart of Tarrasque
Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse
It is always good to have a disable.
Refresher Orb

Like one Doom was simply not enough. Now you can take down 2 targets (want to conform if it stacks respond in comments)


Buriza-Do Kyanon

Jungle has Alpha Wolves.


Zeus, Lord of Olympus. You LVL and doom along with his spell spamming ability can do wonders.
Spectre, Mercurial. Can haunt down a target if narrowly escapes his death by doom. Can even slow enemies with spectral dagger.
Shendelzare Silkwood, Vengeful Spirit. Can stun and swap in a target too. Excellent support for many heroes
His Stun and Hex will be very useful for you and his Finger of Death's damage combined with doom can take down any target.
Vol'Jin,Witch Doctor. His paralyzing crack is very good at stopping enemies and he can even heal you.
Darchrow, Enigma. Good because of his Malefice.
Raigor Stonehoof, The Earthshaker.
Purist Thunderwrath, Omniknight.
Tiny, Stone Gaint.
Ish'kafel, Dark Seer.


Armor is the major problem for Doom and armor shreaders add trouble to it.
Slardar, Slithereen Guard
Lanaya, Templar Assassin
Linken wastes your ulti and has only 20 second cooldown compared to your Doom's 110 second cooldown
Stygian desolator. This ill famed item shreads up your shitty armor even more.
Perphaps the worse to expect after Slardar. He voids you of you mana and experience with his Astral Imprisonment.

~Solo Mid Matchups~

One of the best mid solo laners. Viper can bring down a single target in couple of seconds. Best way to make him useless in late game is to keep him underleveled. Viper reaches effectiveness at level 5 minimum. At 5 Viper can start Orb walking and at the same time you can bring him down with your LVL. If you farm properly for the initial period and reach 6 before he reaches 5 then Viper is dead for sure. Just LVL+Doom him. If you are not level 6 then 2 LVL shall do the same work.

Famed for his runewhoring capability, there isn't much you can do to get the ruins. So best thing to do is to let him get the ruins while you try to outlevel him while he is away.

Nothing much you can do to stop her alone. All you can do on your own is to slow her and her spiderlings down. Just try to stay away from her because she can bring doom down with her Incapacitating Bite to feed her Insatiable Hunger.

Pretty much nothing to worry. Denying creeps does the work here for his Necromastery wont collect damage for him. Outlevel him and go for a kill.

Every meele hero hates this guys Tidebringer. In this matchup, lots of salves/tangoes early on are recommended, but not too much at the expense of a QB.

Almost no chance of him to come mid but could set up his mines in the lane before creep spawn. 1 landmine and Stasis Trap or 2 Landmines and statis trap should be enough to bring you down instantly making you in turn underlevelledand lose important initial time.

~Whom to take down first?~

Potential Spammers:
You can cut them out with a single spell and without their spells their are pretty much just like creeps with more life and armor

Next Up:

Let him on his rot and then doom him. That shall do the work.

~Play Style~

~~Early Game (1-6)~~

As soon as you see the first creep, Devour it immediately. You have to max up devour because with every skill point on it you get more gold and less cooldown and less mana cost. LVL? Death usage is what classifies you as a new player or a pro player in case of Doom.

~~Mid Game (7-10)~~

Farm! Farm! Farm! nothing much to do now. Just rush radiance or Aghanim Scepter as per your liking.

~~How do I use my spells now to get kills?~~

- Doom.
- Turn on Scorched Earth and start running with him.
- LVL? Death.

~~Late Mid Game (10-16)~~

Hopefull you now have your scepter or radiance.

~~Late Game (16-25)~~

If you played properly you should have your radiance and scepter ready by now. Just go and kill them.
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